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The links below lead to other people's writings hosted on external websites. I have tried (where possible) to use the actual title of each webpage as the link text. Each of them contains information on some aspect of fetishism, sadomasochism, Leather, BDSM, sexology, Victorian erotica, or some related aspect of kinkiness. Please ask the permission of the ORIGINAL writers or editors before copying their work (words or images) and using them elsewhere.

Archives / Libraries


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society: 36 finding aids

GLBT Historical Society

Guide to the Tavern Guild of San Francisco Records, 1961-1993

Guide to the Willie Walker Erotica Collection, 1924-2003

Human Sexuality Collection at Cornell

Leather Archives and Museum

Leather Fonds: Archives and Libraries with Collections Related to Leather Culture

Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology

One: National Gay and Lesbian Archives

The Kinsey Institute

The World History of Male Love Museum




All-consuming Obsession Forged into remarkable Erotic Art

Ditko and Stanton

Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton (1926-1999)

Etienne: Court Jester of Erotica

Fetish Art

Homoerotic Art Museum

John Willie

John Willie (Wikipedia)


Less Information More Imagination

Reb's Erotic Art Galleries

Remembering MATT

The Art of Gene Bilbrew

The Erotica Bibliophile: Erotica Illustrations

The Rembrandt of Pulp

Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen) (1920-1991)

Tom of Finland Foundation

Tom of Finland: Purveyor of Hyper-Masculine Archetypes and Creator of Hyper-Real Prototypes




Aubrey's Playroom




Califia, Patrick (b. 1954)

Gloria Brame

Jack Fritscher

Jack Rinella's LeatherViews

John Preston (Wikipedia)

Kilgore Trout Erotic Authors Pages

Larry Townsend

List of Authors of Erotic Works

Patrick Califia (Wikipedia)

Pauline Reage (Wikipedia)




Castro Area Bars

Folsom Street Bars in the 1970s




1936 Rose Register

American Fetish ? Beinvenu Dissertation

Ashbee Bibliography

Datenschlag BDSM/Fetish Bibliography

Leather Books in Alternative Formats

Leather Culture, 1945-1985: A Bibliography of Printed and Online Resources

Sadomasochism (The Men's Bibliography)

SexBiblio: Bibliography of the History of Western Sexuality

slave david stein's History of Our Leather-S/M-Fetish Subculture and Communities - towards a bibliography




Adult Novels of Men in the Womanless World - Gay Pulp Fiction of the 1950's and 1960's

British Library Search

Dusk Peterson's Leather Lit blog


Erotica and Pornography

From Johnson to Nixon: Narrative Shifts in Gay Male Pornography

Gay and Lesbian Press

Grove Press

Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Wikipedia)

Modern History Sourcebook: Index librorum prohibitorum, 1557-1966 [Index of Prohibited Books]

Petticoat Punishment in Erotic Literature

Resources List: BDSM Themed Pulp Novels

Sadomasochistic Literature

Scissors and Paste

SM (in) Fiction

Steamy Hot BDSM Themed Pulp Novels

The Beat Generation in Print: The Alternative Presses

The Erotica Bibliophile

The Paperback Explosion: How Gay Paperbacks Changed America


Books Online


1879-1880 The Pearl

Ars Amatoria: The Love Books of Ovid

Index Librorum Prohibitorum (full text)

Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living

Some Strange and Curious Punishments

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 by Havelock Ellis

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 by Havelock Ellis

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 3 by Havelock Ellis (Love and Pain section)

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 4 by Havelock Ellis

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 by Havelock Ellis

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 by Havelock Ellis

The Ananga Ranga

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Complete)

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Project Gutenberg edition)

The Olden Time Series, Vol. 5: Some Strange and Curious Punishments

The Perfumed Garden

The Social Emergency: Studies in Sex Hygiene and Morals

Three Contributions of the Theory of Sex (by Freud)

Venus in Furs by Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch




Gwen's Collection at Colors of Leather




International Mr. Leather Past




Hidden in the Dark: Leather Bars, Disabilities, and the Life and Death of Erotic Photography


Discussion Lists


HISTSEX: a discussion list for historians of sexuality




Another Time




Berkley Horse

Brief History of Sex Toys

History of the Violet Wand

The Handcuff Gallery




Centaur MC

History of the Leather Forum

LordSaber's History of the Society of Janus

NLA-Austin Newsletters

Pacific Coast MC Photos and Archives

Society of Janus: 25 Years

The Rainbow MC & the Old Lone Star an interview with Pete Vafiades


History - Ethnicity


History of Black BDSM


History - General


American Fetish

Beauty in Darkness: The History of BDSM

Book of Edge

Castro Business Ads from the 1970's

Folsom Street Baths in the 1970s

Gay Leather Fetish History

History is Just Good Gossip: Fifteen Years of Dykes Doing SM

History of Sexuality Research Register

Kinky Bisexuals: Ultimate Switches or Ultimate Outcasts? By Liz Highleyman

Laura Antoniou's Still Unsafe At Any Speed But Making Good Time

Leather Archives and Museum - Resources

Leather Culture

Leatherfolk of Color History

Pain and the Erotic

Police Free Gay Slaves: Some Juridico-Legal Consequences of the Discursive Distinctions Between the Sexualities

Pre-Gentrification Book Shops in Times Square


slave david stein's history writings

Story of Flogging

The Folsom Street Fire of 1981

The History of DS and Its Kin

The Leather Research Reference Shelf

Times Square, 1940-1996

Tops and Bottoms

Victoria Listserv Archive - search on flagellation

What is the History of the Folsom Street Fair?


History - Regional


A Brief History of the Utah Leather Community

San Diego Munch History




Gay Erotic Archives




Gay Art, Robert Mapplethorpe and the Titanic 70's: An Interview with Jack Fritscher

Interview with Fakir Musafar - Father of the Modern Primitives Movement

Interview with Guy Baldwin - Psychotherapist and Author

Interview with Joseph Bean - Author and Activist

Interview with Larry Townsend (12-12-96)

Interview with Marcus Hernandez (8-9-96)

Interview with Race Bannon: Author, Community Leader, and Activist

Interview with Robert Davolt (1958-2005) - Columnist and Former Editor/Publisher of Drummer Magazine

Sensuous Sadie's SCENEprofiles Interviews




Leather Archives and Museum: Finding Aids for Archival Papers




1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose

Gail language (Wikipedia)

Hugh Young's Lexicon of Polari

Hugh Youngs Lexicon of Polari


Polari (Wikipedia)

The Deviant's Dictionary

The Polari Bible




American Porn (Frontline)

Articles from the Journal of Sex Research

Lupercalia (Wikipedia)

Mortification of the Flesh (Wikipedia)


World Corporal Punishment Research




Adult Film Database

Sadism and Masochism in Fiction (Wikipedia)

Sadism and masochism in mainstream film

Stag Films




Cuir Underground Music from a Bygone Era

One Common Heartbeat - Leather Anthem

The Bondage Jukebox (BDSM Music)


Old Guard


An Essay About the 'Old Days' by Jay Wiseman

Changing of the Guard by Hardy Haberman

Gayle Rubin's Old Guard, New Guard

Joseph Bean's Old Guard? If You Say So.

Marginalia on the Old Guard, Leather Traditions, and BDSM History

Old Guard a view by Gayle Rubin (archived)

Old Guard, New Guard by Gayle Rubin

The Myth of the Old Guard by Jack Rinella

The Old Guard (The History of Leather Traditions)

The Old Guard History, Origins, and Traditions by Guy Baldwin


Online Books


Sex and Common-Sense

Sex and Society: Studies in the Social Psychology of Sex




A Very Magical Life: Talking with Samuel Steward

Bettie Page (1923 - )

Bettie Page (Wikipedia)

Between the Rubber Sheets: A Look at Modern Fetish Magazines

Estes Kefauver (Wikipedia)

Henry Spencer Ashbee (Wikipedia)

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836 - 1895)

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Wikipedia)

Magnus Hirschfeld Society

Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)

Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing (Wikipedia)

The Flogging Whores of Old London

The Marquis de Sade: A Life

Therese Berkeley

Topman: Online Writings by and about John Preston




Drummer History

International Directory of Online Leather Magazines and Newsletters

Leather Table of Contents - Checkmate

Leather Table of Contents - Cuir Underground

Leather Table of Contents - Drummer

Leather Table of Contents - Home Page

Leather Table of Contents - SandMUtopian Guardian

Letter to Aubrey's Playroom from Robert Davolt

List of Bondage Magazines (Wikipedia)

Our Own Voices: Lesbian and Gay Periodicals 1890s-2000s

The Leather Journal

The Leather Journal

The SandMUtopian Guardian




Cover Boys: Authors and Models on Gay Books

Early Nudes in Stereo Albumin Photographs

Erotic and Pornographic Art: Gay Male

Erotic Photography

Fetish Photography

Irving Klaw (1911 - 1966)

Paragon Past Paraphernalia

Photography: Gay Male, Pre-Stonewall

Physique Magazines: A History of American Male Erotica

Robert Mapplethorpe

The Barest Generation




The Quaintance Collection




LGBT Religious Archives Network Guide to Preserving Historical Records (PDF)




DSM-IV and DSM-IV-TR: Fetishism

DSM-IV-TR: Exhibitionism

DSM-IV-TR: Sexual Sadism

DSM-IV-TR: Voyeurism

DSM-IV: Sexual Masochism

DSM-IV: Transvestic Fetishism




German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS)

Havelock Ellis (Wikipedia)

Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft (Wikipedia)

Krafft-Ebing Diagnoses Degenerates

Magnus Hirschfeld (Wikipedia)

Map of Sexual Fetishism

Sexology (Wikipedia)

Sexology World-wide

The American Board of Sexology

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality




A Complete Alternative Sexuality History Timeline

An Extremely Unofficial Timeline of Dyke SM

Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochism (English)


LA&M Leather Timeline

Leather History Timeline