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Dissertations and Theses

Basch, Dennis Bernard
Male role, homophobia and coping styles in gay males
California School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles, 1982, 120 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Bienvenu, Robert Vincent, II
The development of sadomasochism as a cultural style in the twentieth-century United States
Indiana University, 1998, 301 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Creet, Magdalene Julia
Unsisterly sentiments: aggression, ambivalence and sex among women
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1994, 291 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Cross, Patricia Ann
Understanding sadomasochism: An examination of current perspectives
Carleton University (Canada), 1999, 305 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Damon, William David
Patterns of power: A test of two approaches to understanding sadomasochistic sexual behavior in heterosexual men
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001, 112 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Ernulf, Kurt E.
Studies on the bases of sexual attraction and its variants
Goteborgs Universitet(Sweden), 1995, 60 pages, towards a(n) FILDR

Fernbach, Amanda Ann Elizabeth
Synthetic selves, techno idols and the dominatrix: Cultural fetishisms from decadence to the post-human
University of New South Wales (Australia), 2001, 0 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Halvorson, John Edward
Conditioning a fetish in subjects who do not believe they can be conditioned
University of Wyoming, 1973, 62 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Harmon, Lori Ann
Thursdays at The Torch: the negotiation of non-monogamous relationships among members of a lesbian S/M community
Loyola University of Chicago, 1997, 52 pages, towards a(n) MA

Hennen, Peter Michael
Gendered sexuality in the age of AIDS
University of Minnesota, 2002, 276 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Herron, Mary Jane
The relationship of sexual dominance/submission and gender to sex role identification
New York University, 1981, 73 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Hoff, Gabriele
Power and love: Sadomasochistic practices in long-term committed relationships
California Institute of Integral Studies, 2003, 166 pages, towards a(n) PsyD

Iser, Manuel Antonio
Escape from the self theory of sexual masochism
University of Hartford, 2000, 113 pages, towards a(n) PsyD

James, Caroline Kershaw
The relationship of masochism to psychosexual development and fear of success in males and females
The George Washington University, 1994, 350 pages, towards a(n) PhD

The relationship of sexual dominance/submission and sex-role identity among male sadomasochistic (S/M) homosexuals
New York University, 1986, 174 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Kolmes, Keely L.
BDSM consumers of mental health services: The need for culturally sensitive care
Alliant International University, 2003, 217 pages, towards a(n) PsyD

Levitan, Diane
The erotic fantasies of lesbians and heterosexual women
California School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles, 1986, 307 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Lohmueller, Torben
The cunning lust: Aesthetic and political perspectives on masochism (Leopold, Ritter von Sacher-Masoch)
Cornell University, 2005, 362 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Matthews, Marcia A.
Lesbians who engage in public bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism
Widener University, 2005, 126 pages, towards a(n) EdD

Moon, Jennifer Elizabeth
Cruising and queer counterpublics: Theories and fictions
University of Michigan, 2006, 0 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Nahra, Cinara
A morality for the third millennium (prostitution, homosexuality and sadomasochism in the light of Kant and Mill)
University of Essex, 2005, 0 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Noble, Jean Louise
A queer performance of gender: sexuality, identity and lesbian representational politics
University of Alberta (Canada), 1993, 111 pages, towards a(n) MA

Ottosdottir, Gudbjorg
The debate on lesbian sadomasochism: a discourse analysis
Western Michigan University, 1991, 121 pages, towards a(n) MA

Panter, Amy Lisa Hope
An exploratory study of female sadomasochists' sexuality: Behavior, fantasy, and meaning
California School of Professional - Berkeley/Alameda, 1999, 148 pages, towards a(n) PsyD

Patrias, Dale
The sociology of secret deviation: the case of sexual sado-masochism
New York University, 1978, 304 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Phibbs, Anne Elizabeth
Challenging gender essentialism: Three case studies in sexual ethics
University of Minnesota, 2000, 214 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Rodriguez, Gabriel Joseph
A comparison of male heterosexual and homosexual sexual fantasies and tentative norms for the meaning of sexual experience
University of Florida, 1981, 153 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Rollmann, Hans
Body piercing and the exploration of spirituality, sexuality and fashion
Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada), 2002, 236 pages, towards a(n) MA

Rubin, Gayle S.
The valley of the kings: leathermen in San Francisco, 1960-1990
The University of Michigan, 1994, 605 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Schiller, Gregory Charles
The pursuit of masculinity, a study in homosexual sadomasochism
University of California, Santa Barbara, 1987, 409 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Tantillo, John
Patterns of reported sexual fantasies in male and female college students
Hofstra University, 1980, 179 pages, towards a(n) PhD

Vorst, Tommy C.
Spanking the reader: Anne Rice's poetics of femporn
The University of Manitoba (Canada), 1997, 66 pages, towards a(n) MA